• Malinda M. Julien

Being Saucy...

Mini Buffalo Chicken Wings and Waffles

Photographing beautiful sauces is almost as great as eating them! After all, a good sauce can make a meal ...

When photographing food, such as this luscious Buffalo Chicken Wing with spicy waffle and bleu cheese sour cream dipping sauce, the sauce can take center stage.

I always photograph the plate clean, then while I am adding the sauce, then afterwards. As seen in the following photographs, it certainly saved me here. The butter had separated from the hot sauce and just created a rather unsavory look.

Since we have it with and without, it was no problem to go back and "erase" in Photoshop™ and create a clean plate.

plate before the saucing

Sauce is separating and not looking great

This is also the reason I always shoot on a tripod. I never know when I need to overlay a shot. This could have been taken out in Photoshop™; however, with the layers it took just a few seconds, without the layers, it might have taken quite a bit longer.

We shoot to have it good in the SOOC, however, a good back up plan never hurts.

Recipe Overview:

Buffalo Wings with Dry Rub - (Baked not fried)

Clean and dry fresh, organic chicken wings

Add Garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper and salt

coat each wing

Bake at 450ºF for about 10 min and then flip and finish for another 10 (or until golden brown) Sauce: Hot sauce (use any you like) and add butter and melt Bleu Cheese dip: Add fresh bleu cheese to taste to fresh sour cream Add celery strips for garnish and eating! Waffle: Add the buffalo sauce mixture to any waffle recipe you like, and make it as spicy as you want!

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