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BLT with a KO!

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches are a staple .. this one has a bit of a punch! Ciabatta bread with Apple Smoked Bacon, Vine Ripened Tomato with Fresh Garden Greens and my special Avocado Spicy Aioli. #Chef #BLT #cooking #traditionallunchmakeover #sassysandwich #malindajulien #julienlambertphoto #phoodphoto

Bacon, Tomato, Fresh Greens with Guacamole Redeaux Aioli

It is truly the Aioli that makes this sandwich special. It is a variation on my Guacamole Redeaux...(see recipe)


Apple wood smoked bacon thick cut

Ciabatta bread (you could use regular bread toasted)

Fresh Beefsteak tomato

Garden Greens (radicchio, baby spinach, Arugula, Frisée and red leaf)

Homemade Bread and Butter Pickles

Pickled Red Onion (sweet)

Guacamole Redeaux (see recipe)

Chili Lime Salt

Spread the Guacamole Redeaux on the bread, as thick as you want, then layer the bacon, tomato, greens and top with Bread N Butter pickles (and even pickled red onions as well!)

Sprinkle with one of my favorite seasonings - Chili Lime Salt!

Dive in!

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