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Oven Roasted Carrots with Sour Cream Chili Lime Sauce and Feta!

Oven Roasted Carrots with Sour Cream Chili Lime Sauce and Feta!

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Not a fan of a carrot. Oh I appreciate their lovely color, how yummy they are in carrot cake, and the occasional carrot in a beautiful pot roast. But just as a side dish? Uh, no, thanks...

But THIS recipe! OMG - absolutely one of my favorite side dishes - and it is pretty easy to make!

Ingredients: 1-1/2 lb of peeled, whole carrots

4 T olive oil

pinch of salt

pinch of pepper


2 T sour cream

1 T olive oil

1 T lime juice

1/4 t pepper flakes ( I like to use Chipotle pepper flakes)


Feta cheese (you could you other white crumbly cheese such as Queso Fresco)

Chopped parsley or cilantro

450º 25 minutes

1) Peel the carrots leaving them whole. Try to keep them all about the same diameter. This works best with carrots which are thinner. Big ones will taper too big and the ends will be cooked before the large part. If that is all you have, then cut the largest part and then cut in half so it is the same size as the rest of the carrots.

2) Drizzle oil on the baking sheet along with salt. Add the carrots.

3) Drizzle oil and salt / pepper over the vegetables to coat.

4) Place in a pre-heated oven and bake for about 25 minutes, or until they are all fork tender.

5) Begin making the sauce while they cook.

6) in a small bowl or liquid measuring cup, combine sour cream, olive oil, lime juice, chili powder or pepper flakes. Stir to combine, set aside.

7) Crumble the Feta cheese

10) Chop the parsley

Remove vegetables from the oven, arrange in a big serving dish, drizzle the sauce

over the vegetables. Top with the crumbled feta cheese and chopped parsley.

Great to serve with chicken or beef!

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