Food photography is a very popular niche area of commercial photography and blog image support.


The tools of the trade seem to be elusive and you have to figure out what you need, where to get it and spend a lifetime (it seems!) gathering the tools!


Phood Photo™ has done all the work for you!  The best tools all in one spot at the best price!  The Phood Kit™!


Information - very fleeting and hard to come by - so I have continued to compile my notes and are creating a series of books which will help you get exactly what you want.  The Phood Photo Book™ (released in Feb 2019 - pre-order available)

Phood Props™! - from custom painted type backgrounds to finds guaranteed to make your next shot perfecto! Or maybe to inspire you by one simple prop.

As an instructor, as well as a commercial photographer, I want to assist you in all things PHOOD PHOTO!  

Need something? Just ask and we'll see what we can do for you!